2010 Wikis

Jon's 2-3pm -
It's all about us- Daniella, Christina, Eliza
Wikiwowow- Jeremy's Page Maree's Page Michaela's Page
Wiki By Junk - Nicole, Jodie, Kathleen
Wikinglish 3006 - Laura, Manon, Martine
Wiki wikiwow -Jayne, Haris, Faaiza
Cookies are a sometimes food - Katie Fiona Liz Penny Tara

Bill's Wednesday 3-4pm
The Wild Things - Niru, Jess, Andrea, Paul and Libby's

Scissors Paper Rock - Claire, Rach, Alicia, Ella and Shell

The Meeting Spot - Bianca's Page David's Page Rachel's page

WikiSlam - Amy Lauren Michelle Steph
Wicked WikiSpace - Eliot, Riza, Sev, Tanya

Bill's Wednesday 4-5pm
Things that make you go mmmmmm - Madi Maegan Melissa Monica

Wiki Lake - Tara S, Nicole B, Maree E & Chantel M

Where the Wiki Things Are - Sarah Bonthorne, Ruth McLennan, Meg Brown, Carol Chan
wikstar- Amal, Homaira, Maria-Kristina, Sophia, Rouba

Kiiwiiss - Harmony, Grace, Lucy, Brooke

Alyson's Thursday 11-12
Axisofawesome - Mariam, Amanda, Doris, Joel and Kathryn

Wikisaurus - Natasha Groves, Maddy, Jeanice Corso, Melinda Stergiou, and Sophie Cameron.

Wikiwonka - Cassie, Cecilia, Mary, Nina and Sadhana.

Diary of a Wiki Kid - Sarah, Trish, Holly, Sophie Z and Sophie R.

No One Mourns the Wikid -
Calum, Charlotte, Emily, Miriam and Rebecca

Here are some examples from last year: - EDUP 3006 - http://edup-3006.wikispaces.com/
The WIki Keepers - http://the-wiki-keepers.wikispaces.com/